February 19, 2010

Buenos Aires

Free ralph lauren? i can get used to that

the recoletta cemetery is an amazing place

the lazy river has never been lazier

stray cats live all over the cemetery as well

these walking canes were ridiculous, some of the canes included a womens leg, harpoon, a clock
and a set of dice

but if you thought was odd. POW, MOTHERFUCKING HITLER CANE
complete with a bullet casing as the stopper at the other end.

the markets were rich with history, including this (what i can only assume to be nazi propaganda) book printed in 1933, printed entirely in german so i dont actually know what it was saying but with a price tag of 2000 pesos which roughly equates to about $670AUD, it seemed pretty legit.

rounded off the trip with and irish coffee and a croissant, buenos aires, you are killing it